Alcohol addiction
We do not just treat - we change your life for the better!

Alcohol addiction is a grave illness that affects all aspects of the addict’s life. This disease should be cured as soon as possible, but the treatment process should be given by reliable professionals. It is just the kind of specialists we have here in IMC clinic.  

Everyone can overcome alcohol addiction regardless of how long he or she has been abusing alcohol. The patient’s wish is all that is needed! Our specialists will help overcome alcohol addiction in the most efficient way, undergo rehabilitation and start leading sober and healthy lifestyle free of alcohol.  

IMC clinic offers a full range of services on professional alcohol addiction treatment. Our physicians have academic degrees, diplomas and certificates. They have cured hundreds of patients that did not believe they were curable until they finally returned to normal life.  

The basis of our treatment is an individual approach. Many years of practice have shows that it is not possible to use the same methods in all cases. Each case should be examined carefully in order to determine the character of the disease and its state, taking into account the characterological and social peculiarities of the patient’s personality and individual peculiarities of his or her body and other illnesses. Only when all the needed information is collected by means of assessment and dialogue, an individual detailed treatment plan can be made.

IMC clinic practices all modern modes of therapy aimed at alcohol addiction elimination, including psychotherapy, machine techniques, and individually chosen medications for alcohol addiction treatment.

We handle each stage of treatment carefully by prescribing only those medicines that do not have contra indications dangerous for a patient. We use quality psychotherapeutic methods and advanced techniques that are adapted to being used in Russia.  

If you have to face alcohol addiction, do not put it into cold storage, apply to IMC clinic. We will definitely help stabilize biological processes in the body of an addict and help him get back to normal life. Even if you think your dear one’s alcohol addiction is incurable, call us anyway and perhaps the miracle will happen. Remember that there are no people suffering from alcohol addiction who cannot be cured!


«We handle the worst cases and have helped many a time those patients who had previous experience in ‘coding’ or were given treatment at other clinics with no good results».
Mario Kodish
Doctor or Medicine, professor,
IMC clinic Chief Physician
IMC work principles and treatment results
Modes of therapy that have proven to be efficient in the course of IMC clinic’s work allow us to guarantee good results
We use a comprehensive approach and define treatment pattern for each individual patient
As a result, you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle without drugs