Treatment in Europe

Alcoholism Treatment in Europe

Alcoholism. Few people know nothing about what lies behind this word. Alcoholism is a vicious habit that causes a large number of deaths, which is constantly increasing. It is very difficult to get rid of this habit, though it may seem harmless. It seems like all you need to do is just to stop drinking alcohol beverages, but if a person already depends on alcohol, withdrawal symptoms follow. These include nausea and vomiting, memory lapses, aggressiveness, unreasonable behaviour and even hallucinations. That is why it is impossible just to ‘stop’. So what should an addict do then?

There is only one answer: such a person should apply to an alcohol addiction clinic and be supervised by specialists. Not all the clinics provide effective treatment. Those who have undergone rehabilitation courses get back to drinking alcohol very often.

Treatment in Europe is gaining popularity, and it is also true of alcohol addiction treatment. Services provided by European clinics are in great demand, as they prove to be effective and grant good results. If a patient wants to overcome the disease, the clinic specialists will definitely help him or her..

Clinics that specialize in alcohol treatment somewhat remind of health resorts. Such clinics have cozy and comfortable atmosphere, and the medical staff turns into a real family for you. It also stimulates fast recovery.

In most European clinics treatment courses fall into several stages, or steps.

The simplest, yet the most effective treatment course can be given in 2 options:

  • individual treatment (provided both inpatient and outpatient);
  • Dovzhenko’s ‘coding’ (the process may take from 2 to 3 months).

These techniques can be used at any disease state.

There are two stages of alcohol addiction treatment: detoxication and making a treatment plan.

Detoxication process aims at removal of harmful substances from a patient’s body. During these procedures a patient is given various medical preparations that make withdrawal symptoms easier to bear. Besides, toxins are also removed from the body.

Individual treatment is the treatment course itself. It implies taking medicines that stimulate recovery. These medications cannot be taken along with alcohol.

European specialists will help you overcome alcohol addiction once and for all and live a healthy, full life. Having learned about our treatment course, you will see for yourself that the clinic’s medical staff want to help you.

Highly qualified medical staff, comfort, friendly atmosphere, persistent results, no slip ups or relapses and reasonable prices are the things patients who have chosen to undergo treatment in Europe like most of all. Recovery is possible, and surely it is so due to European professionals’ advanced skills.