VIP treatment for alcoholism

Such tricky diseases as alcohol or drug addiction do not affect only people from certain population strata. It often happens that businessmen, politicians, famous scientists and celebrities suffer from this grave illness. Many people are afraid of applying to a clinic and prefer to hide their disease. Applying to our clinic is the right solution. IMC addiction treatment center guarantees confidentiality and VIP treatment in comfortable conditions. Our clinics are located in Moscow and Israel.

VIP alcohol addiction treatment

For instance, you are a busy person and cannot delegate your business to some other people. Our single rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, which means you can communicate with others and handle your business. Before you start a treatment course in IMC clinic you should realize that its success depends not only on competence of our physicians, but also on your own wish to get cured. The process is not passive; such an issue cannot be handled within moments. To achieve full recovery, you should pay as much attention as possible to the treatment process.

VIP treatment at IMC clinic implies 100% anonymity, your own comfortable single room with Wi-Fi, round the clock treatment, possible various trips at any time of the day, individual approach and life-long support and help.

Here is the pattern of providing treatment and rehabilitation in our clinic. First comes detoxication of a patient’s body. During this stage harmful substances are extorted and addiction is eliminated. The second stage is rehabilitation in our facility. It is when psychological addiction is overcome. Next comes special outpatient program that helps a patient accommodate to normal life.

IMC clinic uses a comprehensive approach to alcohol addiction treatment. We do our best to find optimal and painless methods. Our professionals use up-to-date and advanced medical supplies that have no side effects. IMC clinic is capable of finding solutions to the worst cases and can help get back to normal life. Each patient has an attending physician that makes an individual treatment plan, which grants living full life.

VIP treatment implies the following range of additional services. First, it is the ability to talk to a psychiatrist at any time of the day. The opportunity to get a car for some needs of yours. Treatment features some alternative medicine techniques, such as hypnosis. It can help develop stable aversion to alcohol. It may be one of the ways that may bring you to fast recovery from alcohol addiction.

Do not put off treatment till tomorrow. Apply to our clinic, and we will definitely help you. We work 24/7, without any holidays.