About clinic IMC
IMC clinic has been working successfully for over 21 years. The results of its work feature scientific researches and works, dozens of reports made at Russian and foreign professional conferences, patented proprietary treatment modes for successful rehabilitation of patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Yet out most important achievement is thousands of saved lives.

We never refuse to help those who need our assistance more than others; that is why we always agree to treat the worst cases. We have treated successfully and rehabilitated lots of patients who were considered by other physicians as terminally ill and showed no sign of amelioration. We offer a full range of services (from detoxication to rehabilitation) that guarantee addiction healing. Years of experience and special treatment modes ensure a 100% guaranteed long-term result. Our services know no equals among other Russian clinics. Opening branch offices abroad allowed us to enhance our modes of therapy. Don’t face your illness alone - we will help you and your family overcome various kinds of addiction and forget about them once and for all.

IMC work principles and treatment results
Modes of therapy that have proven to be efficient in the course of IMC clinic’s work allow us to guarantee good results
We use a comprehensive approach and define treatment pattern for each individual patient
As a result, you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle without drugs