Personal IMC clinic
There are best specialists of the world work in IMC.
  Ysufov Dmitriy
Psychologist. In 1998 he graduated from Tel Aviv University named after Bar Ilan faculty of clinical psychology. He also underwent additional training on the block: counseling and social adaptation of people suffering from chemical addiction. Work for 19 years. Of these, nine years is the head of the rehabilitation department in the center of IMC Israel
Sergey Vladimirovich Lagota
Physician of Superior Merit, addiction psychiatrist, expert in psychodiagnostics. Chief of Detoxication in IMC treatment center. 19 years of work experience.
Ben'Esef Emzar Iosiofovich
Doctor of Psychology. The author and chief of the unique rehabilitation program at the International Medical Center. 40 years of work experience in the field of addiction treatment. He is also an expert in neurosis treatment.