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IMC health care center has been treating addiction for many years. We have cured hundreds of patients. If you or your dear one is suffering from addiction, apply to IMC clinic as soon as possible.

Every two minutes a person dies because of an addiction. Drugs and alcohol are killing more people all over the world than ever before in human history. US authorities claimed (?) an epidemic situation with the opiates. Addiction death rate in UK overcame it’s historical maximum.

In Russia there is no correct data on addiction in numbers, but the situation is obviously goes with the universal trends. According to the research conducted back in 1990s, almost 30% of all the deaths were more or less connected to alcohol or drugs.


But what is addiction? It is a obsessive need to behave in a certain way even if it hurts one physically, mentally or socially. So the addiction can be not only chemical – like drug or alcohol addiction – but also behavioural, such as playing at casino, compulsive overeating, sexual addiction. It is the neurone connections that are responsible for the process of developing an addiction. Under the influence of the intake of alcohol or drugs the neurotransmission changes, changing the reward system. That is why the addiction is a disease, not a moral deficiency.   


Is there a cure?


First step in addiction treatment - to remove physical symptoms that occur once a person stops using. The symptoms may be very intense and can lead to life-threatening conditions. So it is extremely important to get professional help as soon as possible. Please remember – it has nothing to do with weakness or lack of willpower. Medical help in a detox center is a necessary measure, that not only helps to get rid of withdrawal symptoms, but also is a part of ongoing recovery process.

Detox in medical facility takes around 3 to 5 days. It is usually enough to co completely remove the physical discomfort. But it is only the first step – if the process it left at this point and no further actions are taken, the probability of a relapse is extremely high.

After the detoxification program is completed, the next step is rehabilitation and adaptation. The fact is that in the active addiction alcohol or drugs very quickly have become a sort of "crutch": it becomes difficult for an addicted person to imagine how he will cope with certain life situations without the help of substances. Stressful situations at work, problems in relations with loved ones, even a simple autumn melancholy - all of this had been an excuse to use for a long period of time in the life of an addict. It is not surprising that once the using is no longer an option a person needs help and support to pass this most vulnerable period of sobriety.

At this stage, the main aim of the specialists involved is to help create the necessary skills to overcome life difficulties without the help of any substances.

We are sympathetic and respectful to the fact that not all our clients have the opportunity to postpone all their business for several months and fully devote this time to themselves. That is why the specialists IMC clinic have developed a unique recovery program, which makes it possible to achieve a sustainable result in a short time.



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