Drug addition treatment

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IMC health care center has been treating addiction for many years. We have cured hundreds of patients. If you or your dear one is suffering from addiction, apply to IMC clinic as soon as possible.

Out highly qualified specialists draw on experience of leading addiction clinics and use our own treatment modes that have proven their efficiency in many cases. Specialists working at IMC clinic are constantly advancing in skill and attend courses and serve internship abroad.

IMC clinic provides an opportunity to cure addiction at any disease state and at a reasonable price. Addiction treatment in IMC clinic is a reliable way to overcome addiction.

IMC health care center uses advanced equipment and medical supplies. Impatient facility provides comfortable conditions that benefit addiction treatment and make it convenient and easy.


As a rule, a drug-addicted person either denies he has the problem or refuses to accept help. Our physicians are also excellent psychologists that can persuade patients to start treatment and motivate them.


A drug addict kills himself slowly everyday and needs to undergo a complete physical examination that features identification of the disease pattern, its causes and, of course, addiction treatment. The rehabilitation process should be comprehensive for many reasons, and the fact that it increases chances for full recovery this way is not the only one.

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In case of drug relapse after IMC treatment course, our clinic offers one more course for free to undergo in Russia or Israel, but such an option is valid only if all the recommendations made by our specialists have been followed. Our highly skilled specialists will help define the most appropriate therapy for each individual case regardless of disease state.


Call IMC clinic right now, so that you or your dear one could start the journey to full recovery and get back to normal life that knows no drugs.

If you are absolutely sure that the person who is dear to you is addicted to drugs, treatment at our clinic will help him or her get back to normal life and realize the error. You can call us using the phone numbers stated on our website, or visit our office.
Alexander Kern
Doctor of Medicine, professor,
IMC clinic Chief Physician
IMC work principles and treatment results
Modes of therapy that have proven to be efficient in the course of IMC clinic’s work allow us to guarantee good results
We use a comprehensive approach and define treatment pattern for each individual patient
As a result, you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle without drugs