Treatment in Israel

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Addiction is a grave illness that is still curable. However, recovery is possible only if treatment is provided by highly skilled professionals who use comprehensive approach to drug addiction treatment. It is just the kind of specialists we have here in IMC clinic in Israel.

 We are often asked why it is better to undergo drug addiction treatment in Israel. First, mild Mediterranean climate and southern Sun stimulate fast recovery.

Also, Israel is an internationally acclaimed medical service provider. People from all over the world come here, because there are some vitally important medical procedures that cannot be provided in Europe and CIS counties. Besides. Israel is distinguished by low costs of medical service in comparison with major rehabilitation centers in the USA or other countries.

IMC clinic located in Tel Aviv has been providing drug addiction treatment of different severity for many years. We have helped hundreds of people learn to live in tune with their inner self and enjoy life without drugs. There is no better acknowledgement of our success than good feedback of our patients who have managed to overcome addiction with our help.

IMC specialists provide individual treatment using a comprehensive approach and up-to-date equipment, innovative medical supplies and effective treatment methods. Our specialists are constantly advancing in skills and gain valuable experience while communicating with their world-class colleagues.

IMC health care center provides anonymous treatment, but patients can choose to fight addiction with the help of relatives and dear ones. Such conditions apply only on a voluntary basis and with approval of the attending physician. Also, it is important to understand that there is no way to overcome the disease without help of others, since many addicts have mental disturbance that prevents them from correct perception of the surrounding environment and cannot live without drugs. Remember that all your attempts to persuade, threats and tears will not affect an addict. Help your dear one, he badly needs support to believe in himself or herself and step towards a new life without drugs. The best you can do for such a person is to convince him or her that addiction treatment is the only way to get back to normal life.

IMC clinic in Israel has an atmosphere that benefits treatment efficiency, provides comfort and a neat schedule that features physical, psychic and mental development. If you or your dear one is suffering from drug addiction, apply to our clinic as soon as possible so that we could treat the disease and bring you back to a normal life.