Rehabilitation in Israel


Rehabilitation is a period that follows alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Israel. This process is compulsory, as it helps a patient get back to normal life, integrate to society and learn again how to live with a family. In the first place, rehabilitation process aims at stopping addictive behaviour, and physical and emotional stability of a patient.



Rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts in Israel is a very important aspect of our work. IMC clinic helps people with various kinds of addiction overcome their diseases. Out therapy modes have proven to be highly efficient, we have cured many a patient.

The rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol addicts is carried out by experienced highly qualified specialists in Israel.

We realize that every patient who has faced substance addiction has to accommodate to normal life again after having undergone a treatment course. It is very difficult for such people; this process requires a lot of moral and physical strength. That is why our prior aim is to support each patient after treatment course, not to let him or her slip up, help resist possible temptations and become free of drug and alcohol addiction.

Israel drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program is effective only if it is developed for each patient individually. It should be based on a person’s traits, stage of disease, will power and other important lifestyle factors.

Methods of psychotherapy used in rehabilitation programs in Israel are quite powerful tools of ‘psychological correction’ of patients, solution of psychological issues, behavioral and psychosomatic conditions.

Among the tools used by psychotherapists are words, which are very powerful and used in rehabilitation programs in Israel, as they can help establish relations between a patient and his or her physician, along with triggering positive changes in different aspects.

Psychotherapy reveals deep-hidden causes of personality issues, helps promote a patient’s potential, overcome stress and anxiety and make him or her resolute and strong.

Rehabilitation in Israel changes your lifestyle and way of thinking, helps realize the cause if the addiction, but what is more important, it promotes the will to live without drugs and alcohol.


Rehabilitation program in Israel generally features the following:


  • group and individual psychotherapy;
  • family psychotherapy and increasing family awareness;
  • sexual education;
  • mental education;
  • preventive lectures on the issues of AIDS and HIV;
  • consultations on addiction and its treatment;
  • art therapy;
  • personal development training;
  • psychodrama;
  • participation in self-support groups, etc.

Rehabilitation programs are adjusted individually to each patient. Relatives and dear ones can communicate with a patient during the treatment course. We guarantee care, understanding, support and attention towards all of our patients.

Rehabilitation period is spent in a comfortable atmosphere that stimulates recovery. We always achieve excellent results due to vast experience in such treatment. We care not only about emotional and mental recovery, but also comprehensive social adaptation.

We keep on supporting out patients after they have completed the course, help them find a job, supervise their surrounding community and joy in their success.


We do our best not only to cure patients, but to give them a chance to live long and happy life without drugs.




IMC work principles and treatment results
Modes of therapy that have proven to be efficient in the course of IMC clinic’s work allow us to guarantee good results
We use a comprehensive approach and define treatment pattern for each individual patient
As a result, you learn how to live a healthy lifestyle without drugs