VIP treatment

For those who prefer high level of comfort, we offer VIP treatment. There is a special zone with comfortable single rooms with access to the Internet that would be perfect for those who do not want to share a room with someone. You can call our narcologist preliminarily. Of course, our treatment course does not imply complete isolation, so communication with other patients is always possible. VIP treatment will help you overcome the addiction along with providing an opportunity to attend to your affairs, such as working or studying. Undoubtedly, treatment takes a lot of time and efforts, and a single room makes it possible to do about your business too. No one will disturb you there.

VIP drug addiction treatment. Call us for more details!

VIP treatment helps overcome the fear of communication while rehabilitation. IMC clinic staff will make your stay at the health care center comfortable and convenient, and highly qualified physicians will help you along the way to full recovery from drug addiction. If you value your job a lot and you can attend to it remotely, such conditions will definitely fit you best. No one will distract you from work and you can handle it in a quiet atmosphere.

Drug addiction treatment. Advanced methods, experienced specialists

Comfort and coziness of our VIP rooms will help you overcome the disease. Quiet atmosphere benefits psychological problems’ resolution and help get rid of fear of living a no-addiction life. If you have decided to fight drug addiction and are afraid of the idea that staying at the clinic will be a challenge, you should know that IMC clinic has organized comfortable rooms especially for you. There you will feel at home while being constantly supervised by our specialists.