Treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction in IMC

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Moscow and

The first and only treatment center from Israel in Moscow and the entire Russia
Over 21 years in business

The first and the only clinic in Moscow and Russia from Israel

The narcological clinics located in Israel by right are considered as the best world centers of treatment of alcoholic and drug addiction. The team of highly qualified specialists of the Israeli medical center IMC welcomes you and in Moscow now!

21 years in the market

For 21 year of successful work by specialists of clinic of IMC the unique techniques allowing to cope effectively with treatment of alcoholic and narcotic addiction have been developed. The complex of treatment is selected for each patient individually.

Treatment centers in Russia, Israel and the USA
VIP program: personal physician and unique service

The centers in Russia, Israel and the USA

Opening of IMC branches of clinic has abroad allowed us to organize for our patients treatment of alcoholic addiction in Europe and the USA. Such approach allows us to combine successfully modern techniques and author's developments of our doctors with local opportunities.


Treatment in VIP-office will allow to make stay in clinic the most comfortable. Single chambers, visits of relatives, drawing up the individual schedule of occupations and occupation in mini-groups – the best conditions for successful treatment and fast rehabilitation.

Our professionals

IMC employs one of the best professionals in the world that have experience in working in various countries…

Ysufov Dmitriy

Psychologist. In 1998 he graduated from Tel Aviv University named after Bar Ilan faculty of clinical psychology. He also underwent additional training on the block: counseling and social adaptation of people suffering from chemical addiction. Work for 19 years. Of these, nine years is the head of the rehabilitation department in the center of IMC Israel

Lagota Sergey Vladimirovich

Physician of Superior Merit, addiction psychiatrist, expert in psychodiagnostics. Chief of Detoxication in IMC treatment center. 19 years of work experience.

Ben’esef Emzar Iosifovich

Doctor of Psychology. The author and chief of the unique rehabilitation program at the International Medical Center. 40 years of work experience in the field of addiction treatment. He is also an expert in neurosis treatment.

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Drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Moscow and Israel

Exclusive technique that combines pharmacogenetics, psychological therapy, kinesiogenic and TOP

  • Comprehensive approach
  • Complete course of treatment
  • A team of specialists

Individual comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment

  • Anonymous addiction treatment Identification of the individual cause of disease
  • Diagnostics of addiction complicationsВё
  • Cooperation with familiesВё
  • The addiction clinic provides a legal guarantee on the result The life of a drug or alcohol addict goes round in circles. But there is a way out. All that is needed is a step forward to find a good physician and apply to the addiction clinic.

Full help detoxification to rehabilitation

  • beliefs Therapy
  • detoxication
  • AMLO
  • Medical-diagnostic program
  • Treatment and rehabilitation program
  • Rehabilitation hospital
  • Rehabilitation outpatient

A highly professional team of specialists

  • Psychiatrists drug treatment
  • Psychotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Neurologists
  • Cardiologists
  • Scientists genetics
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Experts in rehabilitation and work with the family , etc.

The life of a drug or alcohol addict goes round in circles. But there is a way out. All that is needed is a step forward to find a good physician and apply to the addiction clinic..

Knowledge base

Underage Drinking

Today, nobody seems surprised that children drink alcohol hiding it from their parents. Sometimes one can meet a company of young boys who drink alcohol in the streets without feeling embarrassed to do so.

Drug depedence treatment in USA.

It is commonly known that drug addiction is not just a bad habit, but a serious chronic condition. A person suffering from it experiences a constant craving for all kinds of psychoactive substances that are mere drugs.

Addiction treatment clinic

IMC clinic is successful due to the combination of friendly environment, innovative techniques, which ensure wonderful results, and highly-skilled professionals. Our clients do not feel like rehab patients, as we have done our best to create cozy and friendly environment that reminds more of a health resort. We understand how crucial to treatment success tranquility and confidence are, that is why each patient gets an individual schedule, which helps to arrange the day in the most efficient way and assign the procedures in such a way so as to pay enough attention both to treatments and spare time. All our centers are located at quiet picturesque places.

IMC clinic has been working successfully for over 21 years. The results of its work feature scientific researches and works, dozens of reports made at Russian and foreign professional conferences, patented proprietary treatment techniques for successful rehabilitation of patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Yet out most important achievement is thousands of saved lives.

We never refuse to help those who need our assistance more than others; that is why we always agree to treat the worst cases. We have treated successfully and rehabilitated lots of patients who were considered by other physicians as terminally ill and showed no sign of amelioration. We offer a full range of services (from detoxication to rehabilitation) that guarantee addiction healing. Years of experience and special techniques ensure a 100% guaranteed long-term result. Our services know no equals among other Russian clinics. Opening branch offices abroad allowed us to enhance our modes of therapy. Don’t face your illness alone - we will help you and your family overcome various kinds of addiction and forget about them once and for all.