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What is food addiction and whether it is possible to deal with it? Maria Bass interview in Med Novosti Most often, food addiction develops during adolescence. During this period of life a person is subjected to a tremendous emotional stress: the desire to live up to peers’ expectations, pressure from others in choosing a future career, exams.

June 1 – Children’s Day Very often parents come to IMC because they are concerned about how to protect their teenage children from smoking, alcohol and drugs. In such a situation, it would be justifiable to be indignant: "Like us? But we do not smoke and do not drink! ". That is very well. But what example do you give the child when he learns to cope with the emotions, the pressure of his peers, the stress associated with his studies? Strangely enough, these factors are the determining factors in the process of the developing an addiction

IMC opens a specialized facility for people with gambling addiction May 4, 2018 The first in Russia specialized facility for people who suffer from gambling and videogames addiction in opened by the International Medical Center of Addiction Treatment IMC.

Roman Yuzapolsky told the "Sobesednik" magazine about how much treatment in a drug rehab facility should cost Is there "free cheese in a mousetrap", what should one look for when choosing a drug rehab facility and how much can such treatment cost? These and many other questions were answered by Roman Yuzapolsky, the founder of the International Medical Center for Addiction Treatment IMC. Treatment of alcohol or drug addiction is not an easy process that involves the participation of qualified experts, individual work, and it should be residence-based. Therefore, professional drug treatment simply can’t cost less than 400 thousand rubles a month.

May 31 - World No Smoking Day The World Health Organization on this day recalls an unpleasant, but indisputable fact – in 87% of cases the cause of lung cancer is precisely smoking.

In the United States declared an epidemic of opioid addiction According to The New York Times, in 2016, 59 to 65 thousand people became victims of overdoses; this is more than car accidents deaths. More than half of the deaths from overdoses are associated with heroin and other opioids.

Coming-out of Dana Borisova: the opinion of experts A well-known Russian TV host Dana Borisova recently told the media her story of alcohol and drug addiction. How can such a move affect the reputation as a public person? Will that decision influence relationships with family and friends? What about her further career? And most importantly, how much does this decision help Dana stick to the most important decision she made – to stay in recovery and keep a sober way of life? A psychologist, therapist with extensive experience in the field of correction of dependent behavior Maria Bass shares her professional view on the matter.

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