Drug dependence treatment
Drug addiction has become one of the worst dependencies in the XXI century. Few people are able to resist it. The task of modern society is to inform about the problem and warn a younger generation. Teenagers are considered to be the most vulnerable group susceptible to any influence and external factors. 
Drug addiction is directly connected with criminal activities. Intoxicated people can cause harm to others, including violence, thefts and even murders. It is no secret that drug dependence leads to terrible diseases and unpredictable effects, e. g. AIDS, HIV, hepatitis, etc. Drugs cause not only physical but also psychological dependence. Addicts think they gain freedom by taking drugs. This is a huge delusion they are unconsciously aware of. 
There are two states when a person is tempted to start using drugs. These states can be described as: 
Positive, characterized by euphoria, liveliness and good mood; 
and, quite the opposite, negative that is caused by depression or quarrels with relatives. 
Drug dependence leads to terrible consequences, though you can protect yourself. The crucial thing is to admit that you are addicted. Drug addiction treatment is quite a long process. If a person has no desire to be free of the disease, then the whole idea to be cured is doomed to failure. People, who have been using drugs for a long time and finally decide to stop, have an abstinence syndrome. Withdrawal symptoms include rather painful, sometimes agonizing sensations and a state of depression. All the symptoms disappear as soon as a drug addict resumes using drugs. That can continue for a numerous number of times, but in most cases people commit suicide or carry out violent crimes, as they no longer feel the connection with the real world. 
There are many drug rehabilitation centers in Moscow. Contacting such a center is the first step on the way towards a new life and recovery. These establishments carry out their work at the highest level and bring people to a peaceful and free life. Patients are motivated and encouraged to win. Particular attention is paid to the period after the treatment, as one of the main concerns is to protect a person from returning to the old destructive habit.