Underage Drinking
Today, nobody seems surprised that children drink alcohol hiding it from their parents. Sometimes one can meet a company of young boys who drink alcohol in the streets without feeling embarrassed to do so. Some adults prefer not to interfere. But one alcoholic drink can develop into alcohol abuse, and a teenager cannot understand it on his own. Underage drinking is an issue of concern for all parents. In some cases, adults even do not notice that their child is intoxicated, since it is carefully concealed. But that can lead to deplorable consequences.
Causes and Interest to Alcohol 
Many parents are unaware of the fact that a habit of drinking alcohol can be inspired by the situation in the family. Any celebrations of adults are accompanied by drinking alcohol. And, of course, the child perceives it as fun. That is why, a teenager wishes to try "a laughing drink". Having tried it once, a child continues to drink more often and in a larger volume. Worst of all, if teenagers first try alcohol on the street. Teens are easily impressed, and many young people want to be like leaders of street companies who are often seen with a bottle, and there is no lemo in it. 
These and many other causes can be triggers for alcohol abuse. It is vital to stop developing the abuse at the earliest possible stage, or it can lead to unforeseen consequences. Harm from Alcohol Hard drinks cause much more harm to teenagers than to adults. Alcohol can hinder development of a young growing organism. Any child, who drinks alcohol quickly and secretly, eats crackers or chips as a snack. This junk food is harmful for the stomach and causes all kinds of inflammation. In addition, drinking alcohol can lead to heart and liver problems. It is clear that it makes no good in any aspect. Still the brain and nervous system suffer most. Hindered cognitive development, poor development of memory and thinking, deviations in behavior are observed. A child becomes irritable and gloomy. Underage drinking starts with beer and ends up with spirits. A child loses self-control, and as a result, may even come home drunk. And the worst of it, over time the body will demand more and more alcohol. Do not let your child become an alcohol addict!