Celebrities Suffering from Alcohol Abuse
Everybody knows that celebrities are people just like us, and all people are apt to the same diseases. Alcoholism is a very old disease, and many families are faced with the problem. Some famous people gain popularity since their early childhood or adolescence. Due to paparazzi attention and large income, their mental state changes dramatically. Pretended friends who need only fame and money make only worse. All of these factors provoke depression and other illnesses, and famous people seek consolation in alcohol. 
Mel Gibson had the same problem. He started drinking in adolescence, trying to drown his depression in alcohol. This obviously did not have a very positive impact on his sound judgement. It took Mel sixteen years to deal with the problem. He tried his best to fight it, but in vain. The actor was under treatment for many times but nothing helped. Neither seclusion nor suicide attempts did help him to address the challenge. According to his version, it was faith that made him forget about alcohol. 
Another sad story is about Johnny Depp. From early youth, the fame turned his head. Endless parties, drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed Depp. Vanessa Paradis helped him to deal with the problem. Depp underwent treatment for alcoholism. She literally opened his eyes and practically made the actor see the world in all its colors. After their child was born, Johnny Depp finally ascertained how dark and desperate his former life had been. 
Popular singer Adele also used to drink a couple of glasses of wine some time ago. The singer claimed that she did not have any problems with alcohol. Difficult situations brought the woman to the point that alcohol became a habit. With the help of it, she soothed her pain and resentment that people made her feel. The singer herself was extremely surprised when she drank too much before a concert and realized she had forgotten the text of her own song. Her vocal cords also suffered. Looking at it from all sides, she finally decided to break off with this nasty habit. Today the singer lives a healthy lifestyle.