Drug depedence treatment in USA.
It is commonly known that drug addiction is not just a bad habit, but a serious chronic condition. A person suffering from it experiences a constant craving for all kinds of psychoactive substances that are mere drugs. Having impact on specific brain receptors, drugs can cause a state of deep euphoria, but their regular use leads to a strong dependence. A person in the state of narcotic intoxication gets rid of spiritual torments and does anything with ease and comfort. In addition to this, the sense of reality and self-control is lost. Addiction accompanied by physical dependence occurs sometime after the regular use of drugs. A drug addict uses drugs not only to feel pleasant sensations, but because of the fear of unwanted withdrawal symptoms. 
Addiction treatment involves three main stages. First, detoxification is carried out. It is highly important to get rid of all harmful substances. Then the basic treatment is performed, followed by a number of procedures aimed at preventing a relapse. Treatment is carried out with the help of special medications and a number of psychological techniques. The individual approach to each patient is an important aspect of successful treatment. 
The first stage of addiction treatment includes discontinuation in intake of drugs. Depending on the health of the patient and his or her experience of substance abuse, it is done either gradually or abruptly. The so-called Minnesota model of addiction treatment is often taken as basis for treatment in foreign rehabilitation centers. According to the model, the main therapeutic role belongs to consultants who had the same addiction experience in the past but managed to cope with it. Following a specially selected program created for each patient individually, gradual rehabilitation is performed. People suffering from drug addiction take part in discussions where they talk about their problem. They often discuss wrong psychological patterns acquired at an early age and caused harmful habits. Patient’s self-esteem and emotions are paid much attention to. In addition, treatment procedures involve participation of family members where possible. 
People undergoing treatment in rehabilitation centers have different reasons to be there. Some addicts are brought by their relatives, others are sent under the court decision or come on their own. The main difficulty in treatment lies in the fact that people suffering from addiction rarely admit the existence of dependence. Intervention can be used in severe cases. That is a special therapeutic procedure, when people who know an addict understand that he or she is a drug abuser. Then the addict is sent for enforced treatment.