From Medications to Poison
Humanity has used narcotic substances for thousands of years. The reason for this is a fine line between medications and drugs. No wonder these two words mean the same in some foreign languages as well as English. In fact, you cannot say that drugs are useless. The attitude of humanity to these substances is essential. Therefore, those types of drugs that destroy people do good in medicine. 
Heroin that is considered to be a terrible drug was created as a medicine. This medication has a powerful analgesic effect. However, heroin addicts appeared over time. That was due to the fact that side effects included mood improvement, pleasant sensations and feeling of bliss. Of course, all of these are temporary phenomena followed by irritability and depression. 
Heroin was created in the 19th century. Its powder was used as a cough medicine. Later it was prescribed while treating for other illnesses. The heroin danger was revealed at the beginning of the 20th century. Then some amendments were introduced to the law, prohibiting the use of the drug. It is worth noting that people learnt of narcotic plants long ago, though previously drugs were of natural origin. Nowadays, synthetic substances are widely used. Their harmful influence on people cannot be compared with anything else. Therefore, assistance to drug addicts is the main task of the society. 
Heroin, as well as other synthetic drugs, is prohibited even as medications. The reason for this is fatally harmful drug addiction. Heroin destroys the central nervous system, brain and flesh. If taken literally, a person kills himself without realizing it. Therefore, the authorities are concerned about using effective methods to combat drug abuse. Health workers, law enforcement officials, drug therapists, psychologists and other specialists are trying to solve the problem of drug addiction. Of course, the government does their best to root out the poison in the initial stage that is manufacturing. However, scientists are convinced that population should be informed about the existing problem. If a person knows about drug usage consequences in advance, he or she is unlikely to want to try them. Perhaps, joint efforts and comprehensive approach to the problem will help the society to get rid of drug addiction, which influenced the consciousness of humankind so much.