Modes of therapy

21 years of successful practice have helped  IMC clinic’s specialists develop unique therapy modes that provide good results in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction

We do our best to find the right therapy modes for each person who applies to our clinic and take into account his or her individual peculiarities related to physical and mental health, which enables us to help our patients get back to normal life without drugs and alcohol as soon as possible.

Techniques used in our practice:

Group psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is distinguished from the majority of medical sciences by special and effective approaches to treatment that are based on a patient’s personality and not on the disease symptoms.

Family psychotherapy

It is one of the most promising and effective therapy modes based on beneficial participation of family members and dear ones in the process of treatment.

Co-dependency psychotherapy

Co-dependency is overcome by means of providing information on various issues caused by harmful surface-active materials, methods that reveal family perception, and psychological trainings that help develop appropriate attitude to family and its normal life.

Family consultations

Before starting a treatment course, people often ask for a preliminary consultation. In fact, it is the first stage of treatment that is important for a patient in many aspects.


Drug and alcohol addictions and solvent abuse are probably the most difficult kinds of addictions to cure. These are problems that require up-to-date advanced therapy modes, which grant good results, instead of relying on commonly used, though not quite efficient, techniques, such as ‘coding’ or have a capsule of disulfiram implanted in the body.

Bio-xenon therapy

It is one of the most efficient ways of treating alcohol and drug addictions, neural and psychological disorders.

Massage (various types)

One of such therapy modes is massage that implies using special equipment, oils, creams, etc. Massage techniques are prescribed individually. It can be either manual massage or hardware massage.