Group psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is distinguished from the majority of medical sciences by special and effective approaches to treatment that are based on a patient’s personality and not on the disease symptoms.  

Statistics show that people suffering from alcohol addiction are revealing symptoms of personality disorders more often.  
It is often the case that neither addicts themselves, not their relatives realize they need medical assistance, which is necessary. So what are the advantages of practicing psychological therapy in case of such patients? 
  • First, various techniques of medical treatment often recall in the minds of patients compulsory taking medicines, and such an idea can frighten off such addicts. Psychotherapy methods imply taking almost no medications. 
  • Second, not all health states can be fixed outpatiently.  
  • Third, alcohol addicts need constant moral and psychological support aimed at preventing deterioration.
  • And finally –  methods of psychological therapy are crucial to development of skills needed for complete adaptation.
also believes that while there are organizations providing for alcohol addicts in Russia European addiction treatment programs show better results.

Psychological therapy in the course of alcohol addiction treatment

The choice of participants is a crucial aspect of organizing group therapy sessions. Such a choice should be based on disease states of these people, whether they have any disorders and what personal traits they have. Many patients feel restraint and cannot discuss their problems in presence of people they do not know. 
The first therapy session (or in case of appearance of a new member) features such a method as motivational interview that encourages other group members and helps a newcomer accommodate to new environment.
It is of great importance that besides group therapy sessions a patient can always call his attending physician to prevent any behavioral anomalies or panic attacks. 

Methods of psychological therapy in the course of alcohol addiction treatment

Vast experience of  IMC clinic’s  professionals shows that methods of psychological therapy have no contra-indications, and using various techniques help realize the problem and quit


Socialization of a patient is carried out by constant communication with the attending physician and in the course of group therapy sessions, thus correcting the patient’s behaviour and helping him get back to full social life.  
If a patient faces relapse after the treatment course is over, he can undergo detoxication again and get back to the group where he or she will be able to overcome this slip-up experience.