Consultation relatives

It is very difficult to make a decision to apply to an addiction clinic, and the decision to consult a physician on the issue of your dear one’s addiction is no easier. However, you should not be afraid of it, since the very first meeting with the attending physician begins the process of treatment.

Initial consultation serves several purposes:
First, it helps assess the condition of the patient and addiction stage, thus making it possible to develop an effective treatment plan. 
Second, initial consultation is the first step to full recovery from addiction.  

Addiction treatment. Savvy approach

Fear of the first meeting with the attending physician is natural, since it is very difficult to admit the situation is out of your control, and it is twice the harder to ask for help. However, you should not be afraid or worry. Coming to such a meeting is an act of will. This step shows the patient is eager to change and give up this vicious habit voluntarily, and it is one of the key factors of successful treatment and rehabilitation. Talking to the physician helps the patient realize that no procedures will be carried out without his will to do so, and the prescribed medicines and modes of therapy will only be effective if he or she follows all the instructions of the physician. The dialogue between the patient and the physician is confidential. 
IMC clinic’s medical staff will do everything they can to make our patients feel safe and cared for by both physicians and relatives. Each patient can leave the clinic if he or she wants so, which makes the patient feel more confident. We guarantee voluntariness; there are no procedures that are undertaken by force. All the procedures are approved by the patient. Besides, if the patient does not like the attending physician or cannot find common ground with him, we can change him to another one. 
A person’s freedom must not be violated by anything including addiction, that is why we offer a range of options. It is the patient who should make a decision to undergo treatment. It is the key part of success.   
Relatives of addicts often do not know whom to ask for help. The situation seems to be a no-win one, they are tired of fighting the disease and do not believe everything can change for the better. IMC clinic’s specialists will help you handle all the issues by holding a consultation.  
IMC rehabilitation center means time-proved quality. The famous Israeli clinic branch is now available in Moscow! Highly skilled specialists, advanced equipment and effective modes of therapy that ensure 100% guaranteed recovery from alcohol and  drug addiction. Arrange an appointment at IMC clinic by dialing the phone number stated on the website.