Psychotherapy codependency

Co-dependency is overcome by means of providing information on various issues caused by harmful surface-active materials. This method implies delivering lectures on the importance of family, psychological trainings and consultations of psychologists that will help you rebuild your relations with family members.

Techniques developed by  IMC clinic’s  specialists teach patients how to express their feeling towards their family members, how to appreciate, honour them and take care of them.  
Co-dependence treatment is one of the most important stages of alcohol addiction treatment that is most effective when combined with group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions in presence of the spouse and family psychological therapy. 
It is worthy of note that group therapy sessions prove to have the most noticeable effect in terms of overcoming co-dependence. Each group’s members are chosen specifically; each patient undergoes testing and is interviewed by a physician who assigns a group for him or her. Such an interview helps the physician learn more about the patient’s story and family, define problems and issues, assess mental state and define co-dependence type. This method is very popular among wives, whose husbands suffer from alcohol addiction, and mothers, whose children are drug-addicts.   

Addiction treatment Effective modes of therapy

Our specialists always find the methods of treatment that each particular case. It is a creative process that aims at helping the patient realize he or she has a problem and start undergoing treatment voluntarily, thus aspiring for a sober life. Both group and individual therapy sessions are developed in such a way so as to take into account the patient’s mood and physical and mental condition, which makes it possible to create a schedule that ensures excellent results.  
It so happens that sometimes the sessions’ topics change right in the course of a session, if the physician considers some other topic to be more important and relevant and able to reveal some answers. At the end of the session a conclusion is made twice: first, when some patient tells the others what he or she has learnt just now, and second, a conclusion is drawn by the physician who marks the key statements. 
Each patient is to make a synopsis of the session and point out the most important moments. This technique adds discipline to the sessions, and writing skills will prove to be useful in the patient’s further life. The works are kept by the physician who examines them carefully to track the treatment progress. Information stated in the writings is confidential and cannot be made public.   
Co-dependence treatment is extremely effective if the patient feels support of his or her relatives, since it is possible to overcome the disease only if people are together, and we aim at helping you achieve this goal!