Family psychotherapy

It is one of the most promising and effective therapy modes based on beneficial participation of family members and dear ones in the process of treatment.

This therapy mode implies full involvement of family members in the process of treatment. This method is effective because the patient feels comfortable and safe, as he has his dear ones beside him and supporting him in this difficult period.
 IMC clinic’s specialists have developed a special program that implies group therapy sessions in presence of relatives. The patient can put the issue into perspective and assess the damage dealt by the disease not only to him or her, but also to family members. Sessions cover the following topics: 
Alcohol addiction is a dangerous illness that must be treated immediately; 
The impact of alcohol addiction on family relationships; 
On importance of family in the course of alcohol addiction treatment;
Family quarrels caused by alcohol addiction and the ways to settle them;
On the importance of supporting the patients fighting alcohol addiction in his or her decision to accept the relatives’ help. 
You will notice positive changes right after the first session. Being a member of a rehabilitation group, the patient feels like a society member, learns how to communicate and establish social relations, the skills that were lost because of drinking bouts. Our specialists have found that the only way for a person to decide to undergo treatment and rehabilitation courses voluntarily and get back to normal life is to have support of the family. 

Family therapy as an effective method of alcohol addiction treatment

Statistics show that 75.3% of those who have undergone alcohol addiction treatment voluntarily had their disease gone into remission within a year, and relapses were short-term and easy to overcome. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the majority of cases when treatment is accepted involuntarily and relatives do not support the patients, the treatment course is provided almost in vain. 
The issue of co-dependency is another difficult challenge that is in the foreground. It is very important for a patient to realize that after the course completion he or she will have to learn how to be accountable for his or her actions, and the relatives should learn how to have the patient’s adaptation to society under control without excessive attention. 
This method is so effective due to the individual approach to each patient. High skills and vast experience of our professionals help our patients step towards recovery voluntarily. The patient has no negative feelings after family psychological therapy; on the contrary, he or she learns how to understand each other and live sober life.