June 1 – Children’s Day
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"Do not try to educate children – they will still be like you." This statement perfectly reflects the position of professional family psychotherapists regarding the upbringing of children.

Very often parents come to IMC because they are concerned about how to protect their teenage children from smoking, alcohol and drugs. In such a situation, it would be justifiable to be indignant: "Like us? But we do not smoke and do not drink! ". That is very well. But what example do you give the child when he learns to cope with the emotions, the pressure of his peers, the stress associated with his studies? Strangely enough, these factors are the determining factors in the process of the developing an addiction.

"People who are confronted with the problem of drug addiction often note that at the moment when they first tried drugs, they experienced a sense of relief," says Maria Gasparyan, a Gestalt therapist with 16 years of experience in addiction treatment. "This shows that prior to that a person suppressed his emotions and lived in suspense for a very long time".

It is for this reason that some people, after trying "weed", never touch drugs again, and others become real addicts. Therefore, effective prevention for adolescents is should include teaching to express their feelings, overcome constraint, cope with stress.