Roman Yuzapolsky told the "Sobesednik" magazine about how much treatment in a drug rehab facility should cost
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Is there "free cheese in a mousetrap", what should one look for when choosing a drug rehab facility and how much can such treatment cost? These and many other questions were answered by Roman Yuzapolsky, the founder of the International Medical Center for Addiction Treatment IMC.

Treatment of alcohol or drug addiction is not an easy process that involves the participation of qualified experts, individual work, and it should be residence-based. Therefore, professional drug treatment simply can’t cost less than 400 thousand rubles a month.

However, due to the fact that the cost of services is high, the scope of such services becomes very attractive for scammers. The death of the famous actor Dmitry Maryanov initiated inspections by law enforcement and supervisory authorities of various drug treatment clinics and rehab facilities across Russia.

Forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, the first step is to collect as much information about the clinic as possible. In what environment will the treatment take place? What is the therapeutic program? Is there a licensed clinic in which detoxification is carried out? What specialists will work with the client? Do not hesitate to ask questions, ask to show copies of certificates for medical activities and diplomas of psychologists, addiction psychiatrists, medical staff.

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