What is food addiction and whether it is possible to deal with it? Maria Bass interview in Med Novosti
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We all have our weaknesses when it comes to food. However, people with food addiction lose control over their behavior. At some point, most of the time becomes occupied by food: buying food, compulsive overeating, eager anticipation of pleasure associated with eating. And that is very similar to any other kind of addiction, like drugs or alcohol.

As with any other form of addiction, people who are prone to compulsive overeating, note a tendency to tolerance. Each time a person eats more and more, but food brings less and less satisfaction.

Most often, food addiction develops during adolescence. During this period of life a person is subjected to a tremendous emotional stress: the desire to live up to peers’ expectations, pressure from others in choosing a future career, exams. The inability to control one's own life compels a teenager to compensate in his own way. And the only thing he seems to have control over is his own weight. This is how anorexia and bulimia develop – the two most common and dangerous types of eating disorders.

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