Psychological help

IMC – drug treatment center , that has been helping overcome drug and alcohol addiction for 20 years. It also provides treatment for borderline states, such as various phobias, depressed mood, bipolar disorder, psychosomatic disorders, distress, panic attacks, sleeping disorders, etc.

The clinic’s practice is licensed and meets the world’s requirements. Treatment in the clinic is absolutely confidential, we provide guarantees for all medical procedures and further rehabilitation. Each of our patients is not merely another client, but a person that needs help, and we promise to do everything we can to help this person overcome drug addiction and get back to normal life. We treat patients with different addiction stages and help cure the most of psychological and psychiatric disorders.   

Our treatment center in Moscow is a branch of our clinic in Israel, which has vast experience in treating various kinds of addiction. Up-to-date equipment, unique therapy modes and highly qualified professionals ensure 100% guaranteed good results in almost 100% of cases.

A patient’s mental state is a crucial aspect that affects alcohol and drug addiction treatment

Besides conventional treatments used by the majority of similar health care centers, we also implement methods developed by our specialists and approved by the Ministry of Health. Efficiency of these methods has been proved by our grateful patients. We employ experienced psychiatrists, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, Gestalt therapists, sexologists that are advancing in their skills and improve their qualification abroad.

We try to find an individual approach to each patient and help him or her realize he or she needs treatment. For each patient we develop an individual complex of procedures that ensures the best results with regard to addiction stage and overall condition of the body. You health will be taken care of by a team of specialists that will definitely help you overcome this disease!

Before starting the treatment course, each patient undergoes a compulsory psychodiagnostics the results of which help determine physical and mental state of the person. This process affects the efficiency of the treatment course being developed. Such a course includes medical supervision by various specialists, medical procedures and pharmacological treatment.

Day by day we track the course of the disease and results of the treatment, which allows us to alter some elements of the developed course if needed. We never refuse to help, even if other specialists didn’t dare treat you or your dear one.

The issue of rehabilitation is paid no less attention, both physical and psychological. The specialists working at the clinic have advanced skills in group and family psychotherapy, thus inspiring patients as they feel support from relatives and dear ones. Such an approach benefits good results even in the worst cases. Patients suffering from the most severe forms of addiction can fly to our treatment center in Tel Aviv.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help, you must never fight addiction alone. We guarantee anonymity, so have no doubts that no information about your undergoing the treatment course will be made public. You can have a preliminary consultation over the phone - just call us or request a call back, and you will get detailed information about all issues that concern you as soon as possible.

The consultation is free, the information provided is invaluable!