Anxiety Disorder

 No matter whether addiction is the cause of the development of problems with the psyche, or the disorder has formed as a result of the use of alcohol or drugs - all panic and anxiety disorders share the common symptom of excited, intense and enduring fear or concern in circumstances where a person typically wouldn’t feel scared or worried.

People suffering from this kind of disorders often experience intense, sustained anxiety and nervousness. Analogous to an anxiety disorder, a panic disorder is marked by recurring, unpredicted panic attacks, that usually have nothing to do with circumstances.

Panic disorder treatment helps a person to learn safe ways to experience the fear that accompanies the first sign of an oncoming panic attack. While many of our clients are successfully treated for panic disorders in our outpatient program, others continue to suffer a constant fear that seems to overtake their lives. If left untreated, the disorder can develop, making the anxiety symptoms worse.

At IMC treatment facility we provide full support of expert professionals. Thanks to our custom-made program each resident suffering with an anxiety disorder will explore ways to become more mindful of his feelings. Our anxiety disorder treatment program addresses every aspect of one’s life: rational, physical, spiritual, emotional and social.

The holistic, integrated treatment environment at IMC clinic can provide a safe place to find strength that’s been obscured by anxiety and fear. With our help, our clients reclaim their lives, and renew their confidence in a bright, hopeful future.