Listkov Gennady Ignatievich


Graduate of Tomsk Medical Institute with a specialty as a military doctor. Got a professional retraining as therapist at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and as general practitioner at the RMU them. I.P. Pirogov.

Mishin Alexey


Head of detox squad of IMC Center in Moscow. Regularly participates in international conferences on addiction treatment at the UN World Organization 15 years experience in addiction treatment.

Bass Maria

Psychologist, family therapist

Institute of Psychology, Sociology and Social Relations graduate. Continues to get an advanced trainings in the field of addictology, child psychology, family system therapy. More than 10 years of experience in treating people with alcohol and drug addiction and their relatives.


Lagota Sergey Vladimirovich


The professor teaches at the Department of Psychiatry of the Ministry of Health of Israel. One of the outstanding lecturers in the narrow medical centers of Israel and Europe. He is the chief physician of the Center for Mental Health of the International Medical Center IMC. Hundreds of grateful people on the program of treatment of this specialist. He works in the field of psychiatry for 21 years.

Yusufov Dmitriy

Clinical and special psychologist

In 1998 he graduated from Tel Aviv University. Bar Ilana, Faculty of Clinical Psychology. He also underwent additional training on the block: counseling and social adaptation of people suffering from chemical addiction. I work 19 years. Of these, nine years - the head of rehabilitation in the center of IMC Israel

Gasparyan Maria Viktorovna


Family psychologist, Gestalt therapist

Over 16 years experience in addiction treatment. Worked in leading Russian and foreign clinics that specialise in correction of addictive behaviour